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About Us

Sdays came about after realizing the potential there is when mixing the italian knowledge of fashion and the global society we live in today. A way to bring Italy’s understanding of production to the world’s table.

With this in mind, and with an unfounded love of the free spirit that is within all of us, we decided to create a variety of collections that represent the difference we see everywhere we go. From the sandy beaches of Santa Monica to the bustling subways of New York. The American Dream translated into Italian.

Now all you can do is dream what destination of this endless road trip you want to stop at, and who knows what you’ll find and the end of your rainbow.

Cinque Giornate

Coin Milano Cinque Giornate
Piazza Cinque Giornate, 1/A,
20129 Milano MI



Coin Milano Citylife
Piazza Tre Torri,
20145 Milano MI


Corso Vercelli

Coin Milano Corso Vercelli
Corso Vercelli, 30/32
20145 (MI)